Meadow Breeze Bobtails

Dog Sport

Nowadays, unfortunately the Bobtail is used as a Show dog. But the few skills of our dog give us an idea that the Bobtail is excellent in some parts of the dog sport.

To train Bobtails is not easy, but its paying out. To be to harsh with the Bobtail is not working out, because he gets stubborn and will refuse the work. If the dog holder and the dog are getting along together, then it's a beautiful hobby.

The list specified down refers to courses, which are offered in Switzerland. Other countries know fewer, or other types of dog sport.

Puppy play hours

For puppies from 10 to approx. 16 weeks. The puppy may play with puppies from other races and learns a healthy social behavior. The dog learns first calls exercises as well as becoming acquainted with unknown objects on its life way.

Result: Recommendable for each Bobtail holder.

Young dog education course

Dog and all owners of dogs learn the fundamental ideas of the dog multiplication table. Seat, lay down, foot and call exercises are trained. It's important, that training supervisors are able to work and motivate with each race.

Result: Recommendable for each Bobtail holder.

Guiding dog

This section covers tracks, districts, the subordination and the ability to guide. There are 3 levels, the first is the easiest and level 3 achieved so far only one Bobtail in Switzerland. The Bobtails week point is the nose work, because it was not breed for it. This means, the dog trainer acquires more work in compare with other races for it. But there are multi fights, without tracks and districts, where Bobtails have a good chance to gain good results.

Result: A worthwhile work for dog and the dog leader, if it's possible to find a suitable association and 3 times a week is determined to train (summer and winter, in the sunshine and rain !).


There are 10 subordination exercises in the obedience test. For example foot running, identifying, hurdle, free placing, position modification etc. This sport has also 3 levels. To get the permision to work in the highest level, the dog needs an excelent ascent, that's the reason there are only a few dogs there at the present time.

Result: Not an easy sport, but Bobtails are suitable for it. Unfortunately only a little spread in Switzerland.

Protection dog

The subjects of a protection dog test are track, district, protection service and subordination. Up to day only a few Bobtails have participated this test, because it is not very suitable for it. It's nature is rather playing. Biting is a game for a Bobtail. It's better to choose an other race for this manwork.

Result: Partly or not recommendable.

Rescue dog

The dog has to be able to find 3 missed persons and one object into a given district. Creeping and subordination is also demanded. The dog must be able to galop hunderts of meters, therefor it has to be a vivcous dog. Bushes is the district may cause problems to a bobtails fur.

Result: Only partly or not at all recommendable.


Dog and dog leader lay back a track in a good time. They have to go through high-jump, a tunnel, gangway jack, slalom, on a desk and a diagonal wall. There are also more different levels of difficulty. On one afternoon they train one hundret high-jumps, therefor the dog must be 100% healthy. For sure there are more suitable races in this sport. The Bobtail's body is to havy for it. For a hobby it's recommendable.

Result: For a healthy dog elbow and HD free (x-ray is absolutely necessary).


Various obstacles, which must be completed. 3 may be missed or not passed to get through the test.

Result: A "funntrack" for every dog and the whole family.


A round track of 8-10 km with different tasks for dog and dog leader. Running time is between 3-5 hours.

Result: For dogs and people whom like to hike and solve different tasks at the same time.


With all these kinds of sport it is very important to find an association which has a training supervisor, who can deal with the peculiarities of Bobtails.

In the dog sport Muttenz, BL (CH) train at present time 3 Bobtails and their owner. In this association Guiding-dog and Agility are offered. Everybody is invited to participate in a training. Information: Tel. Business: +41 (0) 61  731 39 16


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