Meadow Breeze Bobtails


Meadow Breeze Welcome My Marvel „Bobby“ and owner Denise Sutter passed the suitability test set by the association of Swiss therapy dogs on 16th March 2007. At present they are training towards meeting the very strict selection criteria.


Several achieved exceptional show results
You’re My Grumbler Owner: Siemoneit/Lapp
Fribourg : Ex.1 J.CAC
St. Gallen: Ex.1  J.CAC
Ex.2 Res. J.CAC
Bulle Ex.1  J.CAC - Swiss Junior Champion
Club Schow 2007 Zw.Cl. Ex.2 Res. CAC


Your True Love Owner Katherine Gigon
                   Fribourg Ex.2 Res. J.CAC
IHA Besançon Ex.1, Junior winner BOB
Bulle Ex.2 Res. J.CAC
Club Show 2007 OK. Ex.3


Your Queen of Hearts Owner K. Buchet France
Roanne, France: Ex.1, bester youngest
La Roche sur Foron: Ex.1, bester youngest


Your Funny Doll Owner Lilly Zinniker
Bulle Ex.1  J.CAC,  young winner
Club Show 2007 Zw.Cl. Ex.3


Very Sensational Owner Lilly Zinniker
Bulle Ex.1, CAC


Meadow Breeze Breeding Group
Bulle 2nd place

Meadow BreezeBreeding Group

3 Y siblings

You’re My Grumbler Schwiss young champion


Meadow BreezeInformal meeting in Magglingen
17 bobtails and their owners enjoyed a relaxing day together walking, eating and drinking.


Euro OES SHOW in Gérardmer France
170 bobtails were present, a wonderful experience for our superb Meadow Breeze dogs.



Meadow Breeze Xtreme Lovely Eve, (owner Peter Derendinger), is the proud mother of 8 xtremely beautiful puppies .


JHA Ludwigshafen:
Your’r My Grumbler : Owner Siemoneit / Lapp Ex.2 Res. CAC


JHA Evian France - the successful ones::
You’r My Grumbler: Owner Siemoneit / Lapp:  Ex.1, CACIB
Your True Love: Owner K. Gigon Ex.1 CACIB Best of Breed BOB


Your Funny Doll: Owner L. Zinniker Ex.2


Aktivities 2008
Meadow Breeze Your True Love, Owner K. Gigon
IHA Bourg En-Bresse, France: OC, EX1, CACIB, CAC, BOB
St.Etienne: EX1, CAC, CACIB, BOB