Meadow Breeze Bobtails

Kö-Pi's 599 U-Asti in Memory has mothered several litters with brio. Quite a few of her offspring have won excellent places as well as Champion title at Dog Shows.  Several also have been confirmed. Now over 12 years old, this grandmother and great-grandmother is still an excellent bitch.

Kö-Pi's 599 U-Asti in Memory

Kö-Pi's 599 U-Asti in Memory

HD: 0/0, DOB. August 28, 1989 eyes: dark-brown, full-pigmented, freely of hereditary eye diseases,

complete shears dentures 

Kö-Pi's 599 U-Asti in Memory

Kö-Pi's 599 U-Asti in Memory

2 days IHA St.Gallen 1999

2 x V1 Best Veteran

2 days IHA St.Gallen 2000

V1, Best Veteran in Show, place 3

Top Ten Winner 2000 Veterans

great-grandmother Memory 12 years old

great-grandmother Memory 12 years old



Judge Report

Remarkable 12 -years old lady in wonderful condition + full bloom, I would have liked to judge her when she was 3 years old, lovely type + quality, great freedom in movement, great credit to her owner who must have put a lot of work into her.

20. BCS Club Show, Sept. 16, 2001

V1 Best Veteran in Show

Judge Barrie M.Croft GB

Memory has passed away! On April 6, 2002 at the age of 12 years and 7 months we had to let her go to dogs' heaven. In every respect, she was not only a phantastic, gentle dog but certainly also a noble representative of her race. We will always keep in our memory the beautiful time we had with her.


Memory 12 1/2  years old


..............AND A NEW DAY HAS BEGAN


Breeder: Bärbel Korn, D-23816 Gross Niendorf

Owner: Lilly Zinniker