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Gajaneh Sweetheart

DOB. April 15, 1987

Gajaneh is with over 11 years still very activ. We participated in 1998 on various Militarys all over Switzerland. They lasted up to 5 hours. We quited the dog sport now, but Gajaneh is supervising the efforts at the younger dogs in the dog sport Muttenz. And 3 times a week she is visiting her favorite café, where she is eating her beloved croissant.

Proud owner: Bettina Stucki, Basel

Gajaneh Sweetheart

11 1/2 years old

Gajaneh Sweetheart Gajaneh Sweetheart

9 months old

6 years old

Guiding dog I (EX AKZ), II (EX AKZ), III (VG AKZ)

Obedience I, II, III (all tests with VG und EX)

Protection dog I (VG AKZ)



Gajaneh Sweetheart
Gajaneh 9 years old on Obedience test at St. Imier


Guiding dog I: Guiding dog II: Obedience II: Military:
1. Place 1. Place 1. Place 1. Place
1989 Muttenz 1990 SC OG Bern 1996 Zürich 1997 Uster
1991 Arbon 1998 Veldheim
1991 Niederbipp 1998 Zug
1991 Bremgarten
1992 Niederamt
1993 Bellechasse
1995 Muttenz
1995 Payerne


Contact: Lilly Zinniker

Owner: Bettina Stucki

April 23, 1999 Gajaneh is in dog's heaven. On this sad occasion, I want to thank greatfully to the owner, Bettina Stucki, that Gajaneh had a excited and fulfilled live. They were real frieds.

Lilly Zinniker