Meadow Breeze Bobtails

This page is dedicated thankfully to the breeder our dogs Lilly Zinniker. The last 35 years she is giving her devotion with love to this amiable race. On this place we also thank Hansjörg Zinniker for his support.  



We are Wera & Alan Vasica. We are happy to have a Bobtail named Our Cheeky Lad from the race Meadow Breeze in our family. We have two children, Chris and Jenny. Through the love of this race I could'n hold back my husband to create this page to intoduce our loveable mate.


Behind the Breeding name Blooming Meadow are the Sulsers from Azmoos. We are happy to have Meadow BreezeMagic Jonker, Kö-Pi's 599 II Chenet Classic and Stonebrook California Breeze called Freddie in our family. We have two kids, Angela and Miriam and last but not least we are Daniela and Rolf Sulser. Out of Rolfs hobby has become Danielas passion. We are this family who has the biggest chaos when we go to a exhibition. Besides that we share a house and a big garden with our dogs. And for sure, we also share our bed and couch with our dogs. It's typical for Bobtails !


At this place we would like to thanks to all helpers and for their brilliant contribution.

Lilly & Hansjörg Zinniker

Daniela & Rolf Sulser

Bettina Stucki

Katherine & Denis Gigon

Regula Hüsser-Hirano